Carpet Cleaning – Dry in 1 Hour – Birmingham Al

George Barnett, Cleaning Superhero

Cleaning Expert in Birmingham Alabama

Cleaning Expert in Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham, Al


1 Hour Dry Time Carpet Cleaning or 10 Minute Dry Time Carpet Restoration Cleaning


The most requested service. The Cleaning Superhero is an owner / operator and present at each service.

The Cleaning Superhero’s method is different. Both 1 Hour Dry Time and 10 Minute Dry Time (4 Step Process)

  1. Super cleaning takes time. Allow about 1 hour per 3 rooms cleaned for 1 Hour Dry Time and at least 90 minutes per 3 rooms for 10 Minute Dry Time.
  2. Carpet is always vacuumed before cleaning begins. 10 Minute Dry Time is vacuumed again after cleaning.
  3. No doors propped open.
  4. No hoses dragged through your home.
  5. No noisy equipment.
  6. No extra charge for stain pre-treatment.
  7. Zero Hazard Cleaning Solutions. Not an all-in-one chemical. A different cleaner for pet stains, heavy soiling and stains heavy dust, drink spills. Green Cleaning Solution is one of our most powerful for removing dirt. 10 Minute Dry Time Cleaning Solution is Green Seal Certified.
  8. The especially designed carpet cleaning equipment agitates your carpet to clean all sides of each fiber. (Like putting your carpet in a washing machine) The soil is visibly extracted and very dirty areas cleaned again.
  9. Nothing is wasted. Remaining cleaning solution continues to work on deep soils. The solution attaches to soils and forms a crystal around the dirt as it dries. The crystal with dirt inside will no longer stick to the carpet fiber. Each time you vacuum, the crystal with dirt inside is removed from the carpet.
  10. GUARANTEED Instant Odor Removal. Optional benefit.
  11. Carpet protector properly applied. Ask about cost of this optional benefit.
  12. Dry in 1 Hour.

Benefits from having your carpet cleaned by the Cleaning Superhero’s unique method.

  • Helps restore appearance of older carpet. 10 Minute Dry Time provides greater restoration of carpet’s original appearance.
  • Helps break fibers apart in carpet that has matted together trapping dust and soils.
  • Helps your vacuum to more efficiently remove dust.
  • Helps prevent stains that were cleaned away from reappearing within a few days or weeks. 30 day stain guarantee.
  • Berber carpet. Ideal cleaning method for berber.
  • Longer lasting clean appearance. Most all of my clients will say their carpet has a longer lasting clean appearance (6+ months) as compared to traditional steam cleaning (4 to 8 weeks). Don’t get steamed, get cleaned. 

Things you should know:

  • Make as much room as you want for each area to clean. I will move coffee tables, small chairs, or end tables with breakables removed. Most larger pieces of furniture can be moved upon request at an additional charge.
  • I will clean away more stains than most others but some stains may never clean out of carpet. Red stains will be treated with a special spotting solution and my not be removable. Heavy staining or special stain treatments can increase rates.
  • If you have used Resolve Carpet Spotter on Pet Stains? Resolve can strip color out of carpet fibers when used on pet stains. When the area is cleaned, the pet stains can be removed but the carpet will have a lighter appearance due to color loss.
  • I can clean the dirt out of carpet but can’t put life in. Old carpet or carpet that is not cleaned regularly can still have wear patterns.
  • Clean your carpet every 6 months to 1 year. It extends the life. Your carpet warranty requires this to remain effective.
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