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The Cleaning Superhero’s alter ego is George Barnett, life long resident of the Birmingham, Alabama area. Lived in the Inglenook suburb of Birmingham and graduated from Woodlawn High School in 1979. Currently resides in the Grayson Valley just northeast of Trussville. George is the President and Owner of G & G Services, LLC  since 1984 with 30+ total years experience in the cleaning industry.


Commercial and Residential Services

It all began in 1980 learning how to properly do tile floor maintenance. Commercial service, primarily stripping, scrubbing, buffing, and waxing tile flooring ( VCT ) for big box retailers such as Bruno’s, WalMart, Piggly Wiggly, and Fred’s. During the 1990s, changes in the retail industry convinced George to begin focusing on residential cleaning opportunities. By 2000, he added tile, grout, and stone cleaning for residential clients continuing to service several retailers. Carpet cleaning using hot water extraction, a.k.a. steam cleaning, for residential and low moisture cleaning for commercial followed in 2003. George branded the business as the Cleaning Superhero in 2007. Discovering a
“super”ior method of carpet cleaning in 2008 propelled his popularity as being the “Different” carpet cleaner. Becoming one of the most popular services because homeowners were tired of their doors being propped open, hoses dragged through their homes, carpet that stayed wet for a day or even days, and their carpet looking dirty again in 4 to 8 weeks.


Continuing education has been an important part of his business. Learning about the newest equipment, methods, and products designed to properly clean fully qualifies him to be a leader in the 21st century. Today, you can find George personally servicing customer’s natural stone, tile, grout lines, carpet and more. Also look for products recommended by and available through CleaningSuperhero.com. You can rest assured that every product listed on our recommened products page has been tested as safe by him for stone, ceramic tile, and other surfaces.


Because it is important to have proper references in today’s service industry, the Cleaning Super Hero presents the following for your consideration: Cleaning Super Hero, George Barnett, and G & G Services, LLC residential and commercial cleaning products and services are endorsed and recommended by the following professionals in the Birmingham, Trussville, and surrounding areas: Dynamic Business Solutions, (Owner) Jerry Dick / RE/MAX Marketplace (Real Estate Broker) Nancy Drinkard / Chiropractor, Dr. Stephen K. Edwards / Optometrist, Dr. Irwin Fingerman, O.D. / The Grogan Agency, Jay Grogan/ Automotive Care Locations Manager, Chris Hollingsworth / Renasant Bank, (Mortgage Agent), Donna Lowery / Financial Solutions Group, Inc., (Financial Advisor), Ralph (Buzz) McCall, Jr. / MLN, Inc., (Owner), Mardis Nichols / National Tree Service, (Owners), Mary and Dennis Peppers / SBM Systems, Inc., (Owner) Jeff Wilson / CPA, Dennis Mark Wright


Over the many years George estimates being involved in cleaning over 500 million square feet of flooring and countless more on other surfaces. Laid end to end the distance would circle the earth nearly 4 times, making him truly a cleaning super man.

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